The Eastern Quarter





WONDERTRAP are a brilliant new rock band from Japan who have released a fantastic new EP called Revolutionize which is available in the UK from all good on-line retailers they are one to watch as they are producing some amazing music !

The Eastern Quarter

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The Akabane Vulgars On Strong Bypass


The Akabane On Strong Bypass are one of the first Japanese Bands to ever be showcased on The Spread! Since then they have appeared at various events like Con-Nichiwa, J-Pop Summit Festival and more recently visited the UK for Sunflower Festival in 2014. Having had success with "Proclamation" their latest album "Aeon" is now available at online retailers via CD and is pretty amazing music!

Mop Of Head


Mop Of Head are a fantastic Dance Rock artists who have appeared in many big festivals including the FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL AND COUNTDOWN JAPAN festivals to name but a few with great records Vitalise will be their latest album released 15th July 2015 with first single being called "Fresh" Some Amazing Sounds Here!